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- 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU

- 64GB RAM

- 4x 2TB HDDs

- Hardware RAID10

- 1Gbps uplink

Please list your VPS offers in the following format

- 512MB RAM

- 512MB Swap

- 1x vCPU

- 20GB HDD space

- 1TB transfer

- 1Gbps uplink

- 1x IPv4

- /64 IPv6

- OpenVZ/SolusVM


- $7/month

- $48/year

- Order link (

Please list your dedicated offers in the following format

- 16GB RAM

- Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 CPU

- 2x 1TB hard drives

- Software RAID

- 10TB transfer

- 1Gbps uplink

- /29 IPv4

- /48 IPv6

- IPMI: yes


- $49/month

- Order link (

Please list your shared offers in the following format

- cPanel Hosting

- 10GB Disk Space

- 25 Domains

- Unlimited Subdomains

- Unlimited Email Accounts

- 10 MySQL Databases

- 10 FTP Accounts

- 100GB bandwdith


- $3/month or $30/year

- Order link (

For shared hosting, you might consider listing your CloudLinux limits if applicable, but this is not required.