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Generic information

- Company name:
- Information about your company (please use more than 3 sentences here):
- Website address:
- Is your WHOIS public?:
- Are you a registered company (if yes: please include country of registration and registration number):
- Where can we find your Terms of Service/Legal documents:
- What are your accepted payment methods:
- What makes this offer/these offers special:
- Any freebies that come with this offer/these offers:

Please list your datacenters and test IPs in the following format

Datacenter Name - Location (Including city, state, country!)
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: ::1
Test file:
Looking glass:

Please list your host node specifications in the following format

- 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU
- 64GB RAM
- 4x 2TB HDDs
- Hardware RAID10
- 1Gbps uplink

Please list your VPS offers in the following format

- 512MB RAM
- 512MB Swap
- 1x vCPU
- 20GB HDD space
- 1TB transfer
- 1Gbps uplink
- 1x IPv4
- /64 IPv6
- OpenVZ/SolusVM
- $7/month
- $48/year
- Order link (

Please list your dedicated offers in the following format

- 16GB RAM
- Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 CPU
- 2x 1TB hard drives
- Software RAID
- 10TB transfer
- 1Gbps uplink
- /29 IPv4
- /48 IPv6
- IPMI: yes
- $49/month
- Order link (