We have some basic rules in place that must be met before we consider an offer for listing on LowEndBox.


Pricing rules

The following are guidelines.  We are willing sometimes to stretch limits if:

  • an offer is unique (e.g., a geography we’ve never or rarely covered)
  • is part of a range of services, some of which start below our price limits
  • is new, different, or interesting in some way

We want to post offers our readers will find intriguing.  When in doubt, open a ticket and ask us – we’re eager to help!

Pricing Guidelines

For Unmanaged VPS (OpenVZ, KVM, other) and VPN Services: $10.00 per month and under.

For Shared Hosting Services: $2.50 per month and under.

For Reseller Hosting Services: $5.00 per month and under.

For VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services: $7.00 per month and under.

For Domains: Common TLDs (.com/net/etc) less then $6.00 per year. Specialty TLDs less then $10 per year.

For Managed VPS and Application Hosting (E-Commerce, WordPress) Hosting: $30.00 per month and under.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers & Colocation: $84 per month and under.

Managed Dedicated Servers: $200.00 per month and under.

Other rules

  • Your company must either:
    • Have a public WHOIS, or
    • Be a registered company and include registration information (e.g., country and ID #)
  • If you submit an offer after having been listed before, make sure either the offer is different or something significant has changed (like a major hardware overhaul, a new location, a completely new control panel) or we will not feature you
  • Submitting a ticket will not guarantee your company being listed on LowEndBox
  • If you are sending an offer for your own company, the helpdesk account sending the ticket must be tied to an e-mail address from your primary domain
  • You must use the appropriate template.

VPS/Dedi Offer Template: Click Here
VPN Offer Template: Click Here

Our help desk for submissions/questions: https://lowendbox.freshdesk.com